Ready to Book your Event?

Step One

Read the linked documents below. You will need to agree to these terms on the Booking Request Form so please read them first.

Anyone Seeking to Book any of the Home Church Facilities will be asked to sign an agreement stating they will abide by the Terms and Conditions laid out in the linked document.

Home Church will not rent its Facilities to any group whose constitution or intended usage of the Facility contravenes the Statement of Faith or Bylaws and Constitution of Home Church as interpreted by the Board and leadership of Home Church.  Should it be determined that this is the case, the application will be rejected and/or the booking will be terminated.  Any deposit will be returned in full to the Applicant without any further liability to either party.

Step TWO

Complete the Booking Request Form that is applicable to your event.


Wait for approval of your booking. Please allow 1-2 working days.  We will contact you if we have any questions.

Upon Approval of Your Booking:


Complete the “Home Church Facility Rental Agreement and Contract which will be emailed to you.

Return the completed contract to the facilitybookings(at) email address along with:

  1. The applicable deposit, payable by Etransfer to accounting(at), Credit card or check dropped off at the Home Church Head Office Reception payable to Home Church,
  2. Credit Card information for the security deposit.  (Payment terms are laid out in the contract) . 

We will confirm your booking once all completed forms and the deposit have been received.  Until then the booking is considered Tentative and other rental inquiries will be considered if submitted for this space.

Please note:

  • Final payment is required 1 week BEFORE your event date. 
  • Any additional fees will be invoiced following the event and are due upon receipt of invoice. 
  • We look forward to reviewing your application and working with you in the near future.